BLANKNYC is a Manhattan-born casual brand with an urban attitude. It offers a range of tops, bottoms and toppers across regular sizes, and sometimes plus sizes. Their jackets, and particularly their faux leather and faux suede jackets are particularly good and on the more affordable side. Items go for a song at sale time.

Here are examples of their jackets.

Over the years, my clients have greatly enjoyed their BLANKNYC jackets, which have worked well on petites. Unfortunately, I’ve found sizing a bit inconsistent. Sometimes small, sometimes true to size, and sometimes large, depending on the silhouette.

I unexpectedly fell in love with a faux leather BLANKNYC moto jacket in an unusual peachy-toffee colour at last year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It has unique gold hardware, which is not the norm for motos, and is my choice of metal. It’s extremely well made, super soft, and the best faux leather quality I’ve seen. The appearance is polished and crisp. It was $49 and became a wardrobe workhorse.

Wildly impressed with my earthy moto, I filled a wardrobe hole with a boxy bone faux leather jacket by the same brand almost a year later. It’s the Short Story Jacket, which has a fun ‘60s and ‘80s vibe. It’s as well made, super soft, a great architectural fit, and versatile for my style. Despite our warm and hot, Summer weather, I’ve worn it a few times on chilly mornings, evenings and a few June-uary days.

I’ve packed the toffee jacket for a trip, and worn it for air travel. It’s very comfy and hasn’t creased, which is VERY important for faux leather because you can’t press it. If the aesthetic appeals to you, keep the BLANKNYC brand on your radar.