The Guardian introduces us to four people who stitch their own garments, whether for reasons of morality or creativity. From “the valuer” to the “next-gen gifter”, they also asked four clothes-keepers why they hold on to old garments. Finally, Laura Horton has written a one-woman play about the realisation that her obsession with clothes hoarding had become a mental health issue.

Fab Links from Our Members

Jenni NZ remembered that some Fabbers wondered what a “skivvy” was, and here is a good explanation.

Kyle liked the ideas and tips in this article for those of us who want to shop more sustainably.

Years ago, nuancedream never thought about sustainability when purchasing jeans or any other type of clothing. Now it is a definite consideration. So kudos to Levi’s, Good American, and Lucky Jeans for more sustainable, eco-friendly production methods.

Katerina finds that styling a leopard suit, or a jacket and trousers as separates, in a modern way isn’t easy, and thought this was a really good how-to from Trinny in her Closet Confessions series.

Vildy directs us to “The women wearing ‘subway T-shirts’ over outfits to avoid creepy stares.

Runcarla admires that 81-year-old Martha Stewart is on the cover of Sports Illustrated: “She looks pretty darn good, but I hope this kind of thing normalizes the public display of older bodies as beautiful.”