Over at Refinery29, Vivien Lee explains how a personalized necklace helped her grow a new profound love for her Korean name. Author Kathy Kelleher goes into why she chose a diamond engagement ring despite diamond rings having an ugly history. And four women share the meaning of their inherited jewellery in “I’m always carrying my family history“.

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After reading this article about Shein, kkards says: “I’m not a supporter of Shein, but I kind of, sort of, maybe respect that at least they are trying to give smaller designers some piece of the pie, after years of just ripping them off. I’m conflicted. But I wanted to share this and wonder how others feel. 

Smart casual dressing tells the world that you are someone who gets it. It shows that you know how the world works now, what the spoken and unspoken rules are.” Vildy isn’t sure if it actually works this way, but thinks of this as: “the Field of Dreams dressing style where if you dress a certain way, you will attract like-minded people, people who might think you’re approachable, creative, edgy, etc.

She also wanted to share this series of amazing outfits created by artificial intelligence in the styles of major artists. Incredible eye candy.

Jenni NZ was horrified to read this story about acclaimed New Zealand designer Adrian Hailwood facing an intellectual property breach investigation.

Runcarla thought the pups embroidered on the bottom of Queen Camilla’s dress were humorous, and she loved the ladies (and gents) in authentic national dress.

Roberta finally watched the Halston documentary last week, and it reminded her of this excellent list of fashion documentaries.

She also found this article on “superfake” handbags fascinating, and highly recommends the novel Counterfeit by Kirstin Chen, which was based on the true story of a woman who bought the real items and then returned fakes.

Once you reach a certain age, you’ve tried it all and you know what your vibe needs to be“, certainly rings true for nuancedream. She adds: “It has taken a while, but I’ve learned to relax, have fun, and do my own thing with style.”

Jaime thought this was an excellent analysis of the “quiet luxury” trend, which she finds sort of hysterical.

Suz directs us to this in-depth article about the change in return policies with some interesting stats on how many retailers are starting to charge for returns — and why.