Sherpa and teddy coats are texture-rich, soft, plush, and very cosy. Some retailers call them shaggy coats. They are an interesting choice because they can be either very casual, or very dressy and glam. It’s all in the fit, finish, fabric, and style of the coat. Silhouettes are fluid or oversized.

This collection shows some good examples.

Long Teddy Coat
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If sherpa and teddy coats are not your thing, you can opt for a texture-rich shearling, faux shearling, bouclé, or another type of faux fur topper instead. I haven’t found the right dressier teddy coat yet, but have old bouclé and faux shearling coats that I absolutely adore. The former is dressy in chartreuse, and is one of my favourite coats of all time. The latter is casual in navy, with a ‘70s integrity. They are both super roomy and I can layer underneath them.

Karen Millen
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Bell Teddy Lined Coat
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Here are some sherpa and teddy coat looks that I think are fab. Note the longer length of the coats. Personally, I like the versatility and warmth of this length of coat.

1. Sherpa with Metallic Sneakers

A cream sherpa with chocolate faux leather trim has a Modern Retro vibe to it. It’s layered over a sweater and gently flared light denim jeans that are at the new full length (ankle covering, no break-line, and hems resting on the vamps of the shoes). The look is finished with gold sneakers with cream soles. The new full length of the jeans allows you to showcase more of your shoes. The cream soles match the sherpa coat, while the gold adds disco glitz. I see a cream, brown or gold bag. Fun!

Sherpa with Metallic Sneakers

2. Teddy Maximalism

This mismatched and “thrown together” outfit is chaotic, and works wonderfully well to my eye. I like the unexpected combination of colours. A pair of dark green dressy trousers is combined with a tucked bright turquoise turtleneck. A dark purple-y mauve teddy coat with graphic cream pattern tops the top and bottom. Chunky green boots with teal soles tonally work well with the green bottoms and blue top. An earthy tiger print tote is the off-kilter bag of choice. The black in the pattern of the tote matches the black hair of the model. Clever!

Teddy Maximalism

3. Matchy-Matchy

This version uses Winter white sherpa as a trim on a black faux leather patent coat. It tops a column of Winter white made up of a pullover and pair of relaxed full-length jeans. Black patent boots match the black patent coat and the model’s hair. A cream sherpa bag is the finishing matching touch. Striking!

Matchy Matchy

4. Glam Cobalt

And last, a cobalt teddy coat with earthy brown faux fur sleeve trim tops a dress (or skirt and top). It’s completed with a pair of honeyed cognac tall heeled dressy boots. The boots and sleeve trim beautifully match the model’s gingery hair. A brooch on the lapel adds some bling. Add a bag in a shade of brown. Gorgeous!

Glam Cobalt