You might find this little gadget useful if your fingers change size in the colder months. Or if your fingers are narrower than they used to be and you don’t want to have your rings re-sized. It’s also useful if your knuckle is a little large. You could buy a larger ring size and then use the adjuster to make it fit snugly once on your finger. 

It’s a tiny transparent plastic sleeve that you attach to the underside of a ring, effectively reducing its circumference while being invisible from the top of your hand. It successfully fills the gap of a ring that’s too large, and prevents it from swiveling around in an annoying way. The adjusters come in different sizes and widths, so you can test them and choose the one that fits the best. The adjusters do not accommodate very wide bands unfortunately.

My ring finger is narrower in cold weather or when my hands are cold, which makes my pearl rings swivel and move around a lot. The first set of invisible ring adjusters (above) work like magic. I put the ring on first and slide on the adjuster afterwards. The sleeve is a bit finicky to attach, but this gets easier over time. I recommend good light and eyesight, and NOT moisturizing your hands with slippery cream before attempting to slide the adjuster onto the ring.