Joanna GriffithsFounder Joanna Griffiths launched Knix, a forward-thinking underwear brand, with the goal of transforming an underwear market that had too much frill and not enough function. The company believes that “it’s time that all of us lived unapologetically free.”

Free from judgement. Free from self-doubt. Free to be yourself. That’s why all our products, from the most comfortable wireless bras to super absorbent underwear, are designed to make you feel more comfortable in your own skin.

KnixKnix aspires to producing more sustainably and ethically. Reducing environmental degradation by taking into consideration our impacts throughout production, transportation and consumption is top of mind. For example, their reusable collection of leakproof underwear stops you from relying on disposable sanitary pads when it’s that time of the month. This is not for everyone, but the option is there.

As I browse the collections, I’m very pleased to see a diverse range of models sporting the items. The style sensibility of the brand is simple, sporty, streamlined, and especially great for Team Minimal and those who do not like wearing lace. Despite the basic integrity of the designs, there is a range of colours in each item, and many shades of nude. Because comfort is paramount, foam bra cups are wireless and moulded. Fabrics have a 4-way stretch. Their WingWoman bra claims to be their “sexiest wireless bra” featuring a plunging neckline, and covering side wing, which minimizes side boob and overspill.

Apart from a range of wireless everyday bras with or without padding and lift, Knix also offers everyday panties, sports bras, sports panties, postpartum items, thigh saver shorts, tops, swimwear and loungewear.

Knix Essential Boyshort

Knix WingWoman Contour Bra

At first glance I thought that their offerings were very size-inclusive, but after being able to find exactly one bra in my size, I’m not so sure. Knix goes up to an XXXL in panties and loungewear, and offers F and G cup sizes in most band widths. But most of their bra styles start at a 32. Only the Infinity bra is offered in a 28/30 inch band with a C/D cup size. So if you need a very narrow band width and larger cup size, there isn’t much for you. That said, maybe sizing works a little differently with the Knix brand because the fits are less constricting and structured.

If you’re after 100% cotton or cotton-rich panties, these are not for you. The gussets are 86% cotton. I prefer cotton knickers so I won’t be trying these. Visually, though, I do like the clean and crisp lines of the panties that perfectly match their bras.

Although I love wearing pretty lace undies, I would give this look a bash because I’m awfully curious about the comfort factor. I’ll try some of their bras next year and let you know how my most approximate sizes fit. I can also have a virtual bra fitting with a Knix fitting expert to confirm sizes and bra silhouettes.

Knix advertises on television quite frequently, and I enjoy their empowering messaging. I’ve also heard great things from our forum members about their supportive and very comfortable sports bras. If you have experience with the Knix brand, please share your thoughts in the comments below.