A new outfit from Daniella Robins of Style . Life . Soul by LellaVictoria, whom we introduced to YLF in July 2013.

This is a fab example of a midi skirt worn with an untucked top. Daniella is sporting a knitted mid-calf skirt with a fun swoosh factor. She’s paired it with an oversized white shirt with a subtle A-line silhouette for a fashion-forward take on the classic. The tailored fit on the shoulders provides structure as do the hip-hugging pleats on the skirt. The lowish vamp on the square-toed mules with architectural thin stack heel lengthens the leg line from the foot up. The dark rich cinnamon colour complements the dusty pink skirt brilliantly. Our blogger’s white bag bookends the shirt, while the oval resin handles make a style statement and pick up the colour of the mules. Dark toenail polish is all that’s needed to finish off this minimal look.

Daniella Robins - 1

Daniella Robins - 2