A new outfit from E of District of Chic, whom we introduced to YLF in November 2016.

This amazing Summer dress outfit is all about combining complementary and contrasting shapes. The asymmetrical hemline on the sleeveless Summer frock creates movement. So do the swirly strokes of the graphic black and white print. These soft swirls juxtapose nicely with the straight geometric lines of the square perforations in E’s fun bucket bag, and the eye-catching rectangular cut-outs on her white mules. The pointy toe nose of the on-trend mules and pointy frame of the retro cat eye sunnies add more sharp lines to the mix. Large resin hoop earrings and a silver bangle add curvy lines. Popping a knotted grey T-shirt over the dress gives the outfit a playful Athleisure meets ‘80s Flashdance touch. A dramatic dark red lip finishes off the look.

District of Chic - 1

District of Chic - 2

District of Chic - 3