The Nordstrom end-of-season sale is here. It is NOT to be confused with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. The Half-Yearly Sale discounts end-of-season merchandise, which is Spring and Summer merchandise in this case. The Anniversary Sale (or NAS), on the other hand, starts in July, and that’s when hot-off-the-press Fall and Winter merchandise is discounted for a couple of weeks before prices go back up in August.

The Half-Yearly Sale is one way to stock up on warm-weather items, especially when your Summers are hot and long. I browsed the items and these are the ones that have been winners on clients, or that caught my eye. Keep stalking the items when they’re out of your size because they do occasionally come back into stock.

Here’s the collection page if you would like to see the items alongside my descriptions.

LEWIT Trench Coat
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