We’ve been chatting about workout wear and fitness capsules on the YLF forum, with lots of great suggestions for exercise wear that does the trick. Here are some more suggestions:

Fab Links from Our Members

Sneakers you can use as a free transit pass. “This gives new meaning to the term ‘commuting shoes’,” says Fashintern.

SarahD8 thought that The Strange Brands in Your Instagram Feed is “a fascinating (and, honestly, pretty off-putting) look at a new breed of internet stores and the shift from the global supply chain to the ‘supply cloud’.”

Aquamarine reports that CVS will alert customers when beauty images have been altered, and will stop altering their own. She adds: “A step in the right direction. I thought it was brave of them to stop selling tobacco products, and now this.”

This article lists the companies who do and do not manufacture their products in China. Joy says: “As I am getting older I am getting more and more sensitive to chemicals used in manufacturing. Those made in China seem the worst.”

Kathie would like to share this look into the (rapidly diminishing) market for used clothing.

Angie had the pleasure of meeting gracious and delightful Sally this week. Here are two of Sally’s evergreen golden oldie posts that are fabulous. One about how to choose a hat shape, and the other about how much you should invest in your wardrobe. Happy reading.