Most of you will know Sally from the blog Already Pretty, who I finally met in Seattle today. She was here to give a talk at a course. Sally is a full time creative writer now and does not blog anymore. She is wonderful, awfully gracious, and we got on like a house on fire. We yakked for three hours and time flew by. It was fascinating and passionate conversation. Lots of laughter. There is a lot of common ground in our thinking about fashion and style, and it was comforting.

You also might remember blogger Audi who does not blog anymore either. She is a scientist. She joined us and is as fabulous. We had a wonderful time and had lots to catch up on. Both ladies are great listeners, astute, intelligent and very smiley. Loved it. It was GREAT. Quite special.

Sorry to run. Got lots going on. Xo

ETA: My outfit in Finds