Oh wow! Three beautifully familiar faces! Thanks to all three for sharing your wisdom and kindness. You all look amazing!

What a blast from the past! I believe Fashion for Nerds (Audi's blog) was one of the very first I found, maybe even before YLF? Fab times three, thanks for sharing Angie!

Same here - a friend introduced me to Audi's blog right when I was getting into fashion. I think my friend even met up with her once in SF! I remember I lemminged an Allsaints sweater she has. So neat to see you all together!

I ate at Cafe Flora just last week! It was fantastic. Is that your neighborhood, Angie? I was interviewing at UW and one of my faculty hosts lives right there - Cafe Flora is one of her favorites.

Remember them both and no time to check them for a long time, but didn't know they are not blogging anymore, what a pitty!:-(

ETA: loved your light tonal outfit with the citron bag for accent and big contrast specs!:-)

I read Audi's and Sally's blogs too, and it's so fun to see you three stylish ladies together!-)
Blogging has changed a lot indeed, and I love that you got to talk about that too.
Fab that you had such a lovely time together!!

Such lovely photos. I enjoyed Sally's blog, so it is great to see her again. Angie, you look stunning. I love the white fur on your coat and how your white boots bookend it and your citron bag is just the pop of colour the photo needs, you are picture perfect.

Wow this is so cool. I definitely remember those two bloggers from years and years ago!

I think im jealous of how much fun you guys had!

How fun! I have checked out their blogs, so fun to meet them in person!

Oh wow, I used to follow both their blogs. How nice that you could meet up. Good to know that everyone is doing well in their current endeavors.

It's magic when kindred spirits meet! You all look gorgeous and absolutely radiant! And kudos to you Angie (and your team Greg, Inge, and Sam) for always keeping your blog current and relevant. Not an easy task for sure. Like others, yours is the only blog I follow.

What a treat! Just like so many others, I used to read both of these blogs as well. So much fun to see the three of you together!

Very cool. Three wise and beautiful ladies.

WOW. How FUN that you remember Audi as well as Sally. Sally had the bigger blog and is a body image force. I love hearing the affection for their blogs. I also enjoy hearing that they are at a very happy place with their current endeavours.

Thanks for the kind words all round, ladies.

Greyscale, YES. Cafe Flora is in walking distance from my house. Just up the hill in Madrona. How fab that you were in my hood. But you didn't tell me you were there!

Bijou, Merwoman and Suz, you are gracious. Thank you.

Wow! Such stylish ladies! I'm didn't know Audi's blog, but Sal's was one of my favorites. I think I found YLF through Already Pretty!

I also found YLF years back through Already Pretty, so fab!

The style quotient at that meeting was off the charts! And your photos are like a siren song to chop off my hair - three ladies rocking incredible short 'dos!!!

What happy memories this gathering brings. I used to follow both of their blogs , thank you for giving us a look into their current and happy lives.
You look beautiful in your outfit Angie.

Angie, I meant to mention one of my interviews was in Seattle, but I've had so much travel to coordinate that I'm never even quite sure where I'll be!

The visit was fantastic, but with no time to see anything of Seattle -- two full days, 9am to 9pm each day, with two excellent dinners (the other at Tilth). The department where I interviewed is one of the best matches for my research interest, hands down, and they really liked me too. I could easily imagine moving there, but my partner would have to stay here in the Bay Area, whcih is a stressful decision! Anyway, I won't know if I have an offer until next month.

How fantastic. I loved following both these women (whom I believe I found on You Look Fab). Thanks for the update. They played important roles in my style journey.

Angie, can you share any of the conversation about blogging? I am so curious to hear what everyone had to say about how it's changed. And it's heartwarming to see you three together!

Thank you, for the awfully lovely words. SUCH a fun blast from the past.

Laura, let me have a wee think about that.

I'm catching up on the forum tonight, and it was so wonderful to see familiar faces. I love how your haircuts coordinate!

Glad to know they're still involved in creative endeavors. I'm sure you energized and encouraged one another!

Well there’s the infamous nerd bird flight between the Bay Area & SeaTac

How lucky you all are to have the chance to meet and visit. Great photos, too. I used to read Sally's blog, but wasn't familiar with Audi's. Thanks for the update, Angie!

I also dabbled in reading Sally's blog but did not know Audi's. It looks like a fun meet-up and I love your outfit.

I remember Sally's thoughtful blog. That pale olive parka is gorgeous on you, Angie!

Thanks for the kind words, ladies. I'm sure you'd have enjoyed meeting these wonderful ladies in person too.