This year I wrote 11 long features and 12 posts about individual outfits in our Outstanding Outfit Bloggers series. For the last post of the year, we thought it would be fun to give you a little “peek behind the scenes”. You usually only get to see my analysis of the outfits, but while writing these blog posts part of the fun for me is definitely also:

  1. Reading what our bloggers themselves are saying about the looks they put together, photo shoot shenanigans, the occasions on which they wore an outfit, etc.
  2. And then, once the posts are live, all your marvelous comments — sometimes hilarious, often very astute — add yet another dimension to these style stories.

So today, I’m revisiting three outfits from 2017 to share a quick personal takeaway for each of them, and then let our lovely bloggers and your comments do the talking.


My takeaway

Psyche’s polished casual maxi cardigan look is an excellent reminder that metallic footwear is such an easy and effective way to add a little extra oomph to any outfit, from the most casual to super dressy looks. Also: I want to steal that beautiful double-faced cardigan.

What Psyche said

“Part sweater. Part coat. The long cardigan is one of the most versatile layering pieces. And, the right layers make getting dressed so easy during the fall. We’ve been waking up to chilly mornings here in St. Louis, and a long cardigan has been an easy, cozy, and stylish choice for staying warm.”

Your comments

“This blogger looks like a real person in real clothes which I LOVE. Wish more of them would do that. I especially like her footwear, it seems wearable but somehow not just average.”

“What a cool and hip looking lady! My favourite look is the maxi cardigan and mirrored shades. Loving the bright lip colours on her as well.”

“She knows how to do it. Everything is put together so well and very suitable for her. I like everything she is wearing and I think her shoes are especially interesting.”

My takeaway

You can never go wrong with a fabulous dress that fits well and suits your style aesthetic, like Greetje’s gorgeous moss green, elbow-length shift dress. Bonus points for texture, the sueded fabric in this case, and an eye-catching accessory. Both make the outfit stand out even more.

What Greetje wrote (aka, outfit photo shoots are hard work!)

“‘Not that cold’ is still cold enough to start testing the camera with the coat on. My hair was headstrong (pun intended). The air was still damp from the rain which is devastating for my hair. Every four photos I rushed to mirror and comb. Don’t for a minute think my lovely hair always looks lovely.”

“I have to find a way to stop this dress from sliding to the back. Oh I know!! Dress tape of course!! The sticky straps used by movie stars to avoid undesirable exposure. Those straps are in my closet, totally forgotten.”

Your comments

“Greetje’s looks are beautifully executed. Her use of footwear and accessories, as well as the way she embraces color and executes her proportions, are lovely. Most of all, the fun she has with her wardrobe is visible in every shot.”

“I especially love the non-print looks and the way she works with accessories, such fun details to study.”

“I’m laughing at your ‘take compliments with a pinch of salt’ comment because it’s EXACTLY that refreshing honesty of yours which won me over and put your blog on the very short list of bloggers I regularly visit. To me, you embody Angie’s mantra ‘Have fun with fashion!’ Your willingness to experiment inspires me to jump out of my comfort zone, and your wry comments when something doesn’t work as expected help me keep my perspective when my own efforts go sideways!”

My takeaway

Even if a blogger is wearing colours I wouldn’t sport myself (only because they aren ‘t flattering on me, not because I don’t like them), I can still instantly fall in love with the look. Case in point: Diane’s delightful marigold with pastel pink, white, and light gold Spring outfit. So fresh!

Diane’s thoughts

“What matters most to you in terms of dressing? My answer is shoes! Being an avid exerciser, (sometimes) runner, but more importantly, due to the nature of my work, shoes are crucial. It is the difference between getting through 4 events in a row & being on your feet for 12 hours a day with ease or feeling serious pain in your arches, knees & back after so much work.”

Your comments

“Diane’s style is joyful and it shows in her smile and playful style. She moves seamlessly from unique color choices to outfits that reflect her mood.”

“My favorite thing she did was combine marigold with pale pink! That is just marvelous.”

“Love her style and curls. I also like the way she throws in an unexpected color now and then, super cute.”

“Wow — what a wonderfully creative and experimental dresser! (Yet still being relatable and aspirational.)”

What did you enjoy most about our Outstanding Outfit Bloggers series? Or which outfit did you like best this year?

Wishing you a wonderful 2018 filled with happy moments, and perhaps a few fun style surprises along the way.