Here are five easy ways to update your jeans capsules over the next few seasons. Many of the styles can be worn year round with a change of footwear and styling. Washes can be distressed, acid, patchwork or uniformly clean. Rises are mid to high on the waist (low rises are not on trend at the moment.) Hems are raw or neatly hemmed. Fits are for the most part tailored, but some silhouettes look good relaxed. Think all shades of blue, white, grey and black denim. 

Introduce one or more of these styles into your wardrobe to refresh your casual and smart casual look. All of the silhouettes are relatively easy to fit, style and wear.

1. Culottes

Culottes are “split skirts” and can be styled in the same way you would style an A-line or flared skirt. The sleeker the silhouette of the culottes, the easier it is to pair them with a variety of tops. Lengths can vary from four to ten inches above the ankle bone. Culottes also look great with flat footwear

2. Full-Length Flares

These flares are wider on the hem than the average pair of bootcuts, although some bootcut silhouettes will pass for full-length flares. Note that the fit is snug on the thighs, so these are NOT wide leg jeans. They generally start to flare out from the knee, and not further up the leg. Wear them with a tucked, semi-tucked or tucked top. Wear the hems long and almost skimming the surface of the ground, so you’ll need to commit to a heel height for the style. 

3. Flared Crops

We’ve talked extensively about flared cropped jeans because it’s THE style to sport at the moment. Remember that the flare can be subtle or more pronounced. A pair of cropped straight legs creates a more subtle flare and is easier to style. A pair of cropped bootcuts creates a wider flare, which can be harder to style. Choose between a tailored or fluid fit. Keeping lengths two to four inches above the ankle bone is flop proof. Refresh your memory on how to pair the right footwear with the look

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4. Skinny Crops 

These are Summer jeans because they look best with Summer-y footwear. Booties, to my eye, tend to look better with flared crops because the slightly wider hem balances out the heaviness of the boots. Style these like you would style jeggings and you’re good to go. It’s also fashionable to wear tops semi-tucked or tucked if you’re comfortable with that look. Wear the high-rise styles with roomy cropped tops for a very trendy pairing. 

5. Cuffed Crops

The ‘90s flashback is quite fun. You can purchase jeans with the built-in cuff, or try to cuff an existing pair of straight leg or relaxed skinny jeans to create a similar vibe. Regular skinnies are generally too narrow to cuff in this manner, but some boyfriend styles work well cuffed this way too. 

All body types across petite, regular and tall can wear these styles. It’s a question of finding the right fit and combining it with a suitable support act. I’ve been wearing full-length flares for two years — in faded blue denim and white — and they have become my go-to pair of dressy jeans. I started wearing flared crops and skinnies last year and they’ve become wardrobe essentials in blue and white denim. And I’m still thinking about denim culottes and cuffed crops. Over to you. Which trendy styles tickle your fancy?