A new outfit from Cynthia Yang of My Rose Colored Shades, who we introduced to YLF in March 2015.

Cynthia uses texture, pattern and shine to create a visually interesting casual Summer look. The self-colour geometric pattern of the eyelet top provides both pattern and texture. The pretty blush is low contrast against the white jeans, which lengthens the leg line. Cynthia’s streamlined sci-fi metallic loafers bring shine to the outfit. Crisp and modern. The rose gold bookends the blush top. Our blogger’s rose gold cut-out cuff bracelet both echoes the pattern in the top and the colour of the footwear. The angular lines of the cognac crossbody add a touch of polished strictness.

Cynthia Yang - 1

Cynthia Yang - 2

Cynthia Yang - 3