This poll was inspired by the ‘90s footwear styles that are trending for Spring 2015. In the ’90s square toes were extremely popular and quite the change to the pointy toe styles of the ‘80s. Square toe boxes are forgiving and much more comfortable for high volume feet, especially in chunky silhouettes. Pointy toe boxes tend to work well on narrower feet. 

I bat for Team Pointy Toes because I love their refined, dressy and ladylike integrity. They also work well for my low volume feet, and elongate the leg line when I wear flats and low heels. I wasn’t all that fond of square toes back in the day. It’s not because they look more masculine — I love wearing boyish footwear — but there is a harshness to the square toe that I don’t like. I also have a hard time filling out chunky square toed styles, which don’t suit the size and look of my small bony feet.

That said, I do like and wear a “snip toe”, which is a very pointy square toe. The tip of the point has been cut off to create a long square look. 

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Pointy Toes or Team Square Toes? Tell us why and no batting for both teams. There are clams with spaghetti for those who can’t pick a side and need to sit this one out on the bench.