Angie and I had a couple of hours free one morning during our recent trip to Hong Kong, and we decided to spend it in Wan Chai, a neighborhood on Hong Kong Island just two MTR stops from our home base in Central. We’ve been here many times before, but like many areas of Hong Kong it has its own unique feel and there’s always a lot of interesting things to see (and photograph). 

Wan Chai is just a short walk from Admiralty’s pristine skyscrapers and is a great illustration of the wonderful mix that defines Hong Kong.

Wan Chai Crosswalk

Wan Chai Crosswalk

The rest of these pictures were taken down the road to the left below, which is Wan Chai road.

Wan Chai Road

It’s a busy road with lots of people visiting the food markets and an unending stream of delivery trucks.

Wan Chai Road

Wan Chai - Chickens

Wan Chai - Fancy Apples

Dragon Fruit

Wan Chai - Meat Market