This ensemble was inspired by a classic Summer combination: white with touches of brown. There are many, many possibilities, both in casual and dressier combinations, but I’ve put together four options to get you started. All shades of brown will work. And feel free to use cheetah, giraffe, or leopard print footwear and accessories as your nod to brown. 

White-Out with Brown Footwear and Bag

Choose a top and bottom in shades of white that work well together. I’ve chosen a pleated white midi skirt and sporty cropped pullover, but baggy linen pants are just as fab. Add brown footwear and a brown bag of your choice. I threw in a two-toned patterned bag, just for fun, and a pair of casual chocolate brown booties. Perhaps you’ll add a brown and white patterned scarf, or a brown hat. 

White Bottoms with White and Brown Patterned Top

You’ll need white bottoms and a patterned top in shades of white and brown. The patterned top can incorporate brown in a subtle way, like the pattern I chose here, which has a touch of taupe. Or go the bold brown and white pattern route. Patterns are a great way to cool down the palette for those who look best in cooler shades. 

I chose an A-line white skirt, and finished off the outfit with chocolate brown peep-toe booties and the same two-toned and patterned brown bag. Brown pumps or sandals are another way to go. 

White Bottoms with a Grey Tee and Brown Accents

I’ve snuck in a drapey grey tee and matched it with white jeans for those who aren’t into white-out. Again, the grey cools down the palette if warmer tones aren’t your thing. Partially tuck the front and add a belt in brown or a metallic. Roll the cuffs for a Summery vibe and finish off with brown footwear and bag. 

White Dress with Brown Accents

A casual white dress in a comfortable cotton screams Summer. Choose a style that tickles your fancy and wear brown gladiators, or ankle strap sandals. A cheetah skinny belt in a shade of brown is a lovely addition. A brown bag is the finishing touch.

Feel free to add jewellery, scarves, eyewear and hats as desired. Jewellery in shades of brown is great with this palette.

Summer White and Brown

Here are a few street style shots of the outfit formula in action: