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Fab Links from Our Members

Over the years La Belle Demimondaine has read lots of articles on French Chic and how to dress like a Parisian, but she says this post on Shopping’s My Cardio really breaks it down.

If anyone is looking for bold jewellery with a history: Iris Apfel is selling 800 pieces of furniture and accessories. Laurinda found her eclectic items very interesting to browse through.

How far would you go to fit your “dream” pair of shoes? Not being a shoe junkie and not being inclined to have cosmetic surgery in general, Trix couldn’t imagine having “Cinderella surgery“, but she’s curious to hear what others think.

Angie loved browsing these fabulous maternity street style looks.

For her master thesis, Dagmar Verheij conducted research into the impact of social exclusion on compulsive buying. Vildy was one of the people who filled out the thought-provoking questionnaire, and finds the results fascinating.

This NYTimes article on the advantages of wearing oversized clothing caught Joy’s attention. They make a case for going big to look powerful and important and as a reaction to shrunken and fitted.