The Invisibelt is a narrow plastic belt with an adjustable strap and small buckle that lies extremely flat against the waistline. It’s invisible when you wear untucked tops, which is how it gets its name. The belt without the bulk.

I have a handful of clients who enjoy wearing an Invisibelt. Some wear the belt to prevent jeans and trousers from falling down when they’re a little loose on the waist, or bag out during the day. Usually, I suggest having the waistline tailored when this happens, but sometimes it’s just not worth the trouble when the waist is just slightly too big, or grows after the first wear. 

Others wear the Invisibelt when they are on a weight loss programme and can’t keep up with how their clothes are outgrowing their diminishing size. The Invisibelt allows them to wear a particular size of bottoms for longer. Either way, the belt works like a charm.