Every year our readers express their style challenges for Summer. Everything from not wanting to wear sleeveless items and tops that require a camisole, to feeling too hot to wear accessories or structured clothing, and feeling too hot to wear their hair down. 

My personal Summer dressing challenges are two-fold: 

  • First, I run very cold, and it’s rarely warm enough in Seattle to wear sleeveless clothing without a top layer when you’re outside. But I love to wear sleeveless tops and dresses. 
  • Second, I find cold air-conditioning an absolute nightmare for any type of real Summer dressing. I have lived in the tropics and understand what it takes to stay cool when temperatures are sweltering outside. But you can’t win when the A/C indoors is set to “freezing cold”.

How do you dress for a 30 to 40 degree Fahrenheit difference when you run as cold as I do? I can’t wear sandals or anything uncovered and lightweight in A/C because I freeze and am instantly unhappy. I need closed shoes, covered legs, a camisole, top and jacket for inside air conditioned situations, no matter how hot it is outside. 

As far as solutions go, I’ve learned to not buy any more sleeveless tops and dresses while we live in Seattle. I’ll wear the sleeveless items that I have on the occasional hot day and leave it at that. To constantly be layering over sleeveless clothing defeats the purpose for me. 

To combat cold air-conditioning I am forced to choose my summer outfits carefully. I try to layer in the best possible way so that I can leave off my topper when outside, but I don’t always find the right balance for the extreme temperature shift. At this stage, I would rather feel a little too warm outdoors so that I can feel comfortable indoors than the other way round. I am much more miserable when I feel too cold than when I feel too warm. 

I’d love to hear about your Summer dressing challenges and the solutions you’ve found. If you haven’t found solutions, feel free to post them in the comments section and let’s get you sorted.