I call this vibe the tribal trend, but ShopBop refers to it as “Native Citizen”. With its geometric aztec-type patterns and often neutral colours, it is easy to spot. The items are bold, high contrast, and make quite a statement. 

I am not drawn to it because it’s a little too earthy, bohemian and casual for my style. But I can appreciate the the tribal trend on others, especially when the colours are brighter or black & white, and the fabrications are luxurious. I have an aztec patterned scarf in black, white, cobalt and neon pink, which makes it feel less earthy and more my style. 

I feel the same way about the tribal trend as I used to feel about animal print. Wear one tribal item at a time and make a statement with it. Fashion and style has moved on from then, and these days, it’s totally fab to wear a few harmonious animal print items at a time. I don’t feel that way about tribal items. Yet. 

To my eye, tribal items look best worn with a very modern, somewhat dressy, and polished edge. Think leather skinnies and pencil skirts, sheer hosiery and blouses, wedged booties, faux fur, crisp tailored jackets and even pearls. I have bad, bad ’80s memories of casual, oversized aztec “blanket jackets” worn with faded jeans and hiking boots or sneakers. I like sleek and fun ’80s fashion in general, but that particular look left a lot to be desired.   

Below are some tribal outfits that resonate with me. Some are more lady-like and dressy, while others are casual. But they all scream “modern edge”, which I think is the key.

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