Last night’s red carpet fashion at the Golden Globes was as entertaining as ever. Nude, peach, pink, red and black with a smattering of ink blue and emerald green were all the rage. Here are my favourite and least favourite looks of the night. This is extremely subjective of course, but that’s what makes it so interesting!


  1. January Jones: I don’t usually like dresses that reveal too much skin, nor am I enamoured by frocks that are remotely Grecian. But this dress defies it all and January’s hair is a killer accessory. I absolutely loved this Versace gown and the colour sends me into orbit. My best for the night. A word of warning: this gown looks MUCH better in motion than it does in the posed photograph.
  2. Heidi Klum: I adore the pattern of the dress and the 70’s vibe is fun.
  3. Eva Longoria Parker: This was a lot of dress for petite Eva, but the tailoring and drape was just so that it looked in proportion. I am all over the waist adornment.
  4. Catherine Zeta Jones: Catherine is classically beautiful and the emerald green colour of the gown glowed against her skin. She is a regal sight to behold.
  5. Helen Mirren: This exceptional lady can do no wrong in my world. Helen manages to strike the perfect balance of looking both covered and alluring. She dazzles no matter what.

Helena Bonham Carter was quite the talk of the evening, sporting a tea length Vivienne Westwood dress with two different coloured shoes, one red and one green. Annette Bening bravely rocked a pair of black geek chic specs with a long black frock and totally pulled it off, as did avant-garde Tilda Swinton in her ghostly Golden Globes ensemble. Gutsy ladies!

I was lukewarm about the ensembles from Nathalie Portman, Michelle Williams, Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Kidman, and Olivia Wilde. Didn’t love them or loathe them.

Least Favourite:

  1. Scarlet Johansson: Scarlet is a stunning woman, but the overly glitzy nude gown did little to showcase her beauty.
  2. Sandra Bullock: I couldn’t see past her fringe to look at the dress. What a  shame.
  3. Jennifer Love Hewitt: Too poufy and too white.
  4. Halle Berry: This frock is too short in the front.
  5. Angelina Jolie: Although I really like the colour of this dress, broad shouldered and slim hipped Angelina looks like she’s going to topple over in the sharp shouldered silhouette.

Take a look at what the stars wore to the Golden Globes and let us know who you thought was a fashion hit and miss for the evening.