I was excited to see Monique Lhuillier’s show because her gowns often grace Hollywood red carpet events. She is known for her super soft feminine designs and pretty pastel palette, and this was more or less what we saw walk down the runway.

Monique Lhuillier’s collection was very flowing and romantic. It wasn’t quite as ruffled as I thought it would be. The palette was made up of different shades of white, taupe, camel, gold, baby pink and mint. There was also a hint of bright tomato red, fuchsia, turquoise and emerald green. At this stage I think we can safely assume that tomato red will be big for Spring since it’s been represented in almost all the shows we’ve attended (yes!).

The dresses and long gowns were both form fitting and voluminous, and both short and long (another strong trend coming through from designers). Lots of one shouldered and strapless silhouettes, skirt bustles, cascading shoulder ruffles, lace insets, and skinny waist belts. She also showed a few wide legged trouser styles.

This designer is known for her floral rosette and satin waist belt design detailing which makes the light brown gown above a typical “Lhuillier look”. I on the other hand much preferred the sleeker, less romantic designs in this collection. I fell in love with the simple red sheath and white skirt suit. More atypical to her style, yet my favorites amongst the outfits. They can go straight into my wardrobe.

I have to say that I LOVED the hair. The models’ crisp, strict, sculptured Sumo wrestler bun-type dos were the best part of the show! I can appreciate a messy hairstyle on an edgy and more casual ensemble but when it comes to formal attire, a neat elegant do can’t be beat. I hope that the Chakra show’s hair team is listening!