With the retail sandal season almost behind us, it’s onto shoes with more coverage before we’re in boots all Winter long. And that means closed toed wedges, pumps, loafers, oxfords and ballet flats. Which brings me to Seattle based Report Shoes. Their current range of range of elasticized ballet flats are nice to look at, but above all – they’re comfortable.

My first experience of the Report brand was a comfortable pair of boots that I put into the YLF store last year. And whenever I manage to find footwear that is both comfortable and good looking, I’ll keep a lookout for other designs from the same brand. That’s how I found these ballet flats.

For the most part the leather and footbeds are soft. In many instances the toe boxes are roomy and stretchy which makes them a good choice for wider feet, and feet with bunions. I used to be against ballet flats with elasticized collars because the edges would cut into my skin. But thanks to good design and soft leather, that hasn’t been a problem with this brand.

Alas these ballet flats are very flat, which means no arch support at all. So for that reason they might not be your cup of tea. But keep an eye on the brand because they offer all sorts of fun designs at affordable prices throughout the year. Seattleites, be sure to support our local company!

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