Yes it’s a knit, but it’s a machine washable rayon-polyester blend.

Yes it has a ruffle, but the ruffle lies fairly flat against the bodice and the neckline is low (so don’t give up if you have a full bust).

Yes it’s a racerback, but use a bra strapper and you’re in business.

Yes it’s a little revealing, but who cares when it’s hot as Hades outside. Even modest me won’t wear a camisole with this style in a darker colour.

This is one breezy and ventilating knit top. Although I’m not wild about center front seams, that doesn’t both me here. Even though it doesn’t look that way in the pictures, the fabric floats away from the mid section and does not cling.

If you’re having a scorching Summer, then this top for $39.50 at full price is well worth fitting on. It’s available in white, blue and grey online, and in a blue and grey pattern in stores. Hope it works if you like the look.

Racerback Ruffle-front Tank