In Zurich, women of all ages, from young teens to ladies well into their 70’s, are impeccable and attractive. They look chic and sophisticated to the extreme. The overall street style is classically fashionable, perfectly polished, very branded, quite trendy and ever so slightly glitzy. People generally do not look edgy, retro or arty.

Zurich Street Style 1

By far the most common handbag is a Louis Vuitton clutch satchel. But there are lots of Burberry trenches and scarves, Chanel sunglasses and Prada accessories too. And don’t think that it’s just the older women wearing designer brands. Young gals in their teens and early twenties sporting designer wear is surprisingly common.

Louis Vuitton

It’s also noticeable how well men and women maintain their hair in Zurich. After thinking about that aspect of the street style, it comes as no surprise because swanky hair salons are in abundance – like around every street corner — and something has to keep those businesses going.

Zurich Street Style 2

Our days in Zurich were both mild Spring days and chilly, wet days (our pictures represent the latter). On the warm days, women wore skinnies, cigarette pants and ankle length leggings with ballet flats, loafers, heeled pumps or booties. Tops were knitted tunics, button down shirts and tailored blazers. Lots of hip slung belts, jewelry, scarves and designer handbags. On the colder days, women wore knee-high and calf length boots over skinnies, jeggings and leggings. Barely a skirt, dress or boot cut in sight! Most outfits were neutrally toned and there was quite a lot of textured black from head to toe. When it came to pops of colour, it was all about red – which of course, went down pretty well with me.

Zurich Street Style 3

We’re in Milan right now, the last leg of our trip. Buon Giorno Prada, pasta, prosciutto and gelato! Stay tuned for more about that when we get home later this week.