Hot off the press, and a great classic basic for $19.99. (14.95 Euro). Generally, I’ve found that V-neck cardigans are better all-rounders because they layer particularly well and add a neat, elongating touch to your long lean line. Perfect over sleeveless dresses, knitted tops and silky blouses. I tend to like the style best when the sleeves are scrunched because it adds a nice textural  dimension to your ensemble.

They’re made of a soft, non-itchy cotton-spandex mix and available in plenty of colours. The shades across the continents will differ slightly though. You’ll find purple and teal hues amongst the assortment in the US, and cobalt and coral shades in Europe. Remember that H&M sizing is small so size up if you prefer a roomier fit.

H&M Cardigan H&M Cardigan - NavyH&M Cardigan - White

H&M’s quality is often hit or miss, which we have come to expect from all budget retailers. But I was pretty impressed with the drape and substantial weight of these cardigans when compared to Old Navy’s Spring cardigan, which is longer but thin and flimsy. H&M wins this round.