This is our sixth American Thanksgiving celebration and it’s become one of my favourite holidays. Spending the day reflecting back on the things that you’re thankful for is a wonderful tradition.

The person who I am most thankful for is my better half, Greg, who makes every aspect of my world a better place. His generosity, wisdom and hard work know no bounds.

I’d also like to thank YLF’er Michelle who joined our forum this year. Michelle is a journalist living and working in Toronto, Canada. She has been blind since infancy but that never stopped her verve, passion, sense of humour and gusto to live life to its fullest with her indispensable guide dogs McClure and Reva. Trust me, Michelle has enough positive energy and stamina for us all. She’s super stylish and about as gracious as it gets. A force to be reckoned with.

Michelle, I can’t adequately express how humbled I am that you chose YLF to be your style and fashion eyes. Your trust in us has made my year and from the bottom of heart I thank you for being a truly fabulous role model.

Last, but certainly not least, I’m very thankful to you, the reader. I’m often taken aback by the thoughtful comments that you write on this blog. Your intelligence, compassion and wit shines through, adding to the value of our site. You inspire me to continue.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Of course, life wouldn’t be the same without these two precious little creatures. Jasmine and Rosie send extra thanks to you and all the animals that have enriched your life over the last year.