My favourite retail season has arrived and I’m excited to discuss what the next six months of fashion has to offer. We’re kicking off the new season with’s top 2008 Autumn trends:

  • “Belle Curves”: It’s all about peplum details that spotlight the waist. A peplum is a flared extension of a jacket, dress or top that comes below the waistline. It’s very 40’s and 80’s. If you like waist-cinching belts, you’ll like this look. It’s the voluminous trend with a waistline. There are loads of different peplum styles so don’t give up after trying one example.
  • “Country Life”: Tweeds, tartans, plaids and checks rule. These fabrics take on a series of moods, from equestrian vibes and Chanel-esque looks, to 80’s punk and schoolgirl uniform styles. I love them all.
  • “The Long View”: Mid-calf skirts and floor grazing skirts are back. I do not like ankle length skirts, but I’m into the mid-calf length if the skirt design is funky and interesting. I was surprised to have picked up a Winter skirt this length in London last season and it’s become a favourite.
  • “Minimalist Tendency”: The “less is more philosophy” at its best. The look is about architecturally structured clothing and fab shoes. No jewelry or accessories. I like the look on the right person, but it’s hard to pull off without the perfect piece. I’d also miss my pearls.
  • “Superhero Worship”: I do not know how this trend will be translated into wearable fashion. We’re not sporting the Superman cape or the Wonder Women cuff and leotard. But I do fancy the idea of a shiny waist cinching belt and boots that can fly.
  • “Winter Garden”: Prints of foliage, feathers and leaves are hot. I’m curious about this trend and reserve judgment until I see it in stores.

My dominant season is in full swing and I’m ready for boots and tartan. If you live in a warm climate, bring Autumn colours into the mix but keep the clothing lightweight. It’s nice to sport a different look when the season changes.

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