I believe in a small, fully-functional and efficient wardrobe. Those of you who have seen my closet will back me up when I say that I share a small walk-in wardrobe with my husband and I keep all my seasons, footwear and accessories together in one place. I keep my coats in a closet downstairs and my underwear, socks and workout wear in a chest of drawers that I share with hubby.

That’s it. Everything that I need to put together an outfit is in sight and on hand and this is key. I get to shop in my own closet everyday which keeps me calm and makes my toes tingle. It takes a bit of energy keeping your closet organized but once you’re in the routine, it’s easy as pie and worth the effort. I swear that I save time and money by knowing exactly what I have and being able to retrieve it instantly.

Creating a happy, practical and comfortable personal dressing environment is achievable, even if your closet is relatively small. It’s a question of savvy editing and clever storage. Take the time to clean out your closet over the next few weeks and make 4 piles (a pile to donate, to alter, to store and to keep). Once you’ve done that, get organized and introduce a closet system that works for you.

I edit my closet 4 times a year and use a “one-in, one-out” principle which keeps it tight and manageable. The skill lies in updating a wardrobe with the right items to keep your look current, timeless and fab, and in the correct amounts to keep your wardrobe balanced.

These skills can be learned and applied. It also helps to have the right storage and these IKEA wardrobe systems are affordable and may serve as some inspiration.