Suits and tuxes are inappropriate for casual holiday parties at home or at informal restaurants (unless there is a dress code stated on the invitation). Relaxed holiday gatherings are usually smart casual and this calls for a toned down, yet appropriate, holiday look.

Putting together smart casual attire for gents is easy once you have the components:

  • Jeans – A perfectly fitting fab pair of quality dark wash jeans will take a bloke almost anywhere. Learning to dress smart denim up or down contributes significantly to one’s personal style, so it’s worth investing in a splendid pair. Make sure that the jeans aren’t too short (high water pants shorten the leg).
  • Shirt – Finding a great shirt is not easy because shirt fits and lengths are inconsistent. A man’s shirt has to fit properly in order for him to look chic (men generally wear smarter shirts at least a size too big). A dressy shirt looks classy when it’s tailored but not too snug, so alter if you need to. And remember to do “the sit test” (a shirt should not pull open at the tummy when sitting). It’s acceptable and hip to leave smart shirts “untucked”, but they need to be short enough to look chic. An untucked shirt that’s too long and big looks sloppy.
  • Shoes and belt – There is no limit on the dressiness of the shoe. Both lace-up and pull–on will work. Stay away from clumpy peds with thick rubber soles that are unrefined. Wear a matching belt and finish off the look with dark dressy socks.
  • Blazer – This is an optional but handsome cherry on top. Think boarding school pinstripe blazers in grey, ink or black wool blends and make sure that the fit is perfect both in length and width. The shoulders should not drop and the button should close. Ask for professional assistance if you’re unsure.

A tailored finely knitted polo neck (turtle neck) is a great alternative to a shirt when it’s cold. This is the masculine version of the flop-proof outfit and will serve men well for almost any smart casual occasion.

Black Flannel Pinstripe Blazer & Slim Straight Premium JeanWool Gray Chalk-Stripe Blazer7 Diamonds Patterned Shirt with Embroidery

The untucked shirts on these models are at the correct length. An undergarment T-shirt worn under a button down shirt is always a good idea.