Some holiday events aren’t formal enough for a suit and tie, but smart casual won’t do either. The answer is something in between, where a fancy form of business casual never fails. Here’s what you need:

  • Dress pants in wool blends are best. Stick to flat fronted styles with straight legs (these are generally most flattering). Stay away from casual khakis and cotton rich fabrications because it’s inappropriate to wear this look in Winter.
  • Dress shirts should be fairly form fitting and preferably a little shiny. This way your look is a step up from everyday office wear. Wear them tucked into pants with an undergarment-T and dressy belt that matches your shoes. The informal untucked shirt look is not suitable in this setting.
  • Smart shoes in high shine leathers are ideal. Keep them the same colour or darker than the pants and wear dress socks that match.
  • Blazers are an optional extra, but a chic finish to the look. Plain or pinstriped wool , cashmere or velvet fabrications are great and remember that you can comfortably pair this look with jeans for smart casual occasions. Multi-purpose pieces in our wardrobes are fab.

Plain shirts and micro-geometric patterned shirts are dressier options than broad stripes, and darker colours both for shirts and dress pant look a little swankier than lighter hues. But a pair of black dress pants and white shirt remains a perfect semi formal combination, especially on a darker skin tone.

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