I had given up on all ultra-trendy shoes this season because soaring heels and wobbly wedges don’t make my feet happy. And then I found a shoe that stepped up to the plate. It’s a Franco Sarto patent, sling-back, peek-toed, cork wedge sandal. I’d bypassed this pretty shoe several times, assuming that it would be uncomfortable and impossible to walk in.

Then a client of mine (with equally finicky feet) insisted that they were worth a try. And they were. I’m delighted to have found a pair of fun, fashion-forward sandals that are stable and comfortable for about 4 hours. They don’t meet my “8-hour-shoe” grade, but they certainly beat dressy strappy heels that barely make it to the 2 hour mark. These wedges have satisfied the fashionista component of my fashion persona. There is hope for those of us with fussy feet!

Franco Sarto 'Tabou' Slingback - Red Franco Sarto 'Tabou' Slingback - Lemon Franco Sarto 'Tabou' Slingback - Apple Green

The Franco Sarto patent wedge is available at most department stores in an assortment of colours for around $90.00.