Chunky cuffs and bangles in resin, wood, Lucite, plastic or glistening metallics have made a comeback. It’s another ‘70’s and ‘80’s trend with a modern twist. I adore this accessory because it makes a simple statement: a single or superb set of bangles on a bare arm is all you need to finish your outfit off appropriately.

I personally find bulky bangles cumbersome and impractical to wear. I suppose I’m just more of watch and ring type of gal. But if cuffs and bangles are your choice, remember to keep them in proportion to your size. The fuller and taller you are, the larger you can sport your jewelry. Cuffs and bangles are fun and flirty with sleeveless dresses and a nice alternative to necklaces in Summer. Quite the eye-catching ornament.

Lois Hill Hammered Cutout Cuff Bracelet Simon Sebbag Brushed Gold Square Bangle Bracelet Dioscuri Oversize Wood Bangle
Batik Painted-Bangle Safari Bracelet Flame Bangle

An assortment of cuffs and bangles from Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie.