Buying a swimsuit doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience. Skimpy bikinis that look fabulous on hangers and mannequins but make you feel fat and self conscious are not the answer.

My opinion has not changed since I set out the bare facts in last year’s blog postings on swimwear (part 1 and part 2). Everybody looks great in the right one-piece. Add a dainty wrap to the ensemble and you’ll feel confident and comfortable, and look stylish and alluring.

Miraclesuit” is a brand of swimwear that’s designed to flatter. Their suits are lined and made of thick, drapey fabric that gives your body the control and support that you need. Their V-shaped necklines elongate your frame; while their ruching details camouflage the midsection. Their backs are scooped for an extra bit of sass.

If you’re self conscious about body realities like stretch marks, “back fat” , dormant tummy muscles, or a large bust, then this is the cozzie for you. A beautiful one-piece with a wrap is flop-proof for the beach.

Miraclesuit Call of the Wild Pareo   Miraclesuit Wild Tank One PieceMiraclesuit Oceanus Faux Wrap One Piece
Miraclesuit Mysterious Ways Oceanus   Miraclesuit Blue Belles One PieceMiraclesuit Floral One Piece

Flattering one-piece Miraclesuits are available at department stores for about $140. That’s expensive, but feeling confident in your cozzie is worth the investment.