I get a lot of questions about fashion personas. Many women feel that they aren’t a perfect fit for one of them in particular. That’s ok! The descriptions of the personas are extreme. You don’t need to be a long-haired, bead-wearing hippie from the ’60s to be classified as Bohemian. You don’t need to stick to navy twin sets, tan pants and loafers to be a modern-classic. And you don’t need to be a platform-wearing, skinny jeans girl to be a trendy fashionista.

Instead, you could be:

  • An artistic urbanite who was in heaven this season with all the black and grey fashion. But you also chose to wear a bright green patent tote while keeping your earrings and necklaces exotic.
  • A classic fashionista who felt that she couldn’t wear skinnies, but embraced waist-belts, longer length tunics and bubble skirts, without giving up  button down shirts, cardigans and bootcuts.

Our personal style is often a mixture of more than one persona. Once we’ve taken into account our body type, age, personality, lifestyle and budget we can adopt an appropriate fashion persona or become a mixture of a few. Sometimes, we might love the idea of a particular persona but look so much better dressed as another. Fashion personas can also change over time. We might feel the need to adopt a trendier look after being modernly-classic or sporty for too long. Or, it might be time to become an updated classic or retro urbanite after years of being a bo-ho hippie. 

Develop an individual sense of style and make sure that you experiment with current trends all the time. Don’t be afraid to try new things. And don’t worry about having a constantly-evolving fashion persona. The only constant in life is change.