On one of her recent shows, Oprah talked about finally discovering the combination of high heels and comfort in a single shoe. More specifically, a boot in the Nike Air collection by Cole Haan (a wholly owned subsidiary of NIKE Inc.). The shoes in this collection have an engineered “air bag” in the fore part and heel of the shoe, thereby providing a comfortable cushion for your feet.

Gordon Thompson, the man behind the creation of this special footwear range, spent 10 years developing footwear for Nike before becoming the creative director of Cole Haan shoes. Originally trained as an architect, Thompson had the vision of marrying running shoe technology with luxuriously crafted high heels.

When Oprah said “This is life changing. It’s not a cure for cancer, but it is a cure for your feet“, I felt compelled to see for myself. After trying a few styles, I too was convinced that these shoes are more comfortable than other high heels. Trouble is, there isn’t a heel in the collection lower than 3 inches, which makes for difficult walking no matter how cushioned and comfortable the interior. I’d love to see Cole Haan come out with a 2 inch heel using the same Nike Air technology.

You might want to give these shoes a try if you can walk in 3-inch heels, but unless this collection brings out a lower heel, they’ll stay in the category of “great sitting shoes” for me.


The boots that changed Oprah’s life, and pumps and wedges from the same Cole Haan collection.