The headband is back. Narrow, broad, elastic, scarf-like, patent, plastic, patterned, jeweled or animal print – the choice is yours if you have the head of hair that suits this look. It seems to work best on women with long thick hair, either curly or straight. 

Headbands can be chic if worn a certain way. The trick is to keep your hair looking crisp, neat and in place when you wear them. Headbands won’t look elegant if your hair looks straggly, flat and unkempt. By all means sport the look if you have short hair, but you might find that a dainty style will work better.

Remember that less in more when you wear a headband. Leave off the earrings, specs and necklace and make a stylish statement with one bold accessory at a time. 

Chain Link Ribbon Headband Silk Headband France Luxe Headband

Impeccable looks with beaded, silk and polished animal print headbands (available at Nordstrom).