Transitional merchandise has begun to blossom in stores and it’s all about the nautical spirit. Dark navy and white basics are highlighted by a few touches of red, jade and lemon. The shade of navy is virtually black and I particularly like that aspect of this trend as lighter navies tend to look less rich and more uniform-like.

On the other hand, I’m not sure whether the nautical collections give us enough of a change from all the black, white, red and striped merchandise we’ve seen in store for the last 6 months. Transitional collections are most effective when they contrast with the season that’s on sale. But the newness of colours like jade and lemon, and silhouettes like wide-legged sailor pants, might be fresh enough to entice us to buy the odd item before Spring merchandise really hits stores.

There are modern classic and trendy interpretations of the nautical look:  

  • For a modern classic look, combine navy and white basics with a striped knit top, cream/ navy trench coat, pointy toed boots and an oversized leather tote.
  • For a trendy look, match sailor pants with a ruffled shirt, cropped cardigan, funky short trench coat, converse sneakers and lemon accessories.

Nautical looks are versatile and easy to put together. The theme is timeless and always open to re-invention.

Short Funky Trench

Striped Knit
Striped knitwear

Cropped Cardigan
Plain knitwear

Sailor Pant
Short Trench and Sailor pant

Yellow Knit
Yellow coming in
(Old Navy

Converse Sneakers
Converse sneakers

White & lemon tote

Have a bash at experimenting with some of the transitional season’s trendier silhouettes with items like these.