Goodness, how exciting! Congratulations!

Congratulations! You look so happy together. Hope we see a wedding wiw!

Congratulations! The two of you look so happy together! I am delighted to hear the news!

Woo-hoo! Congratulations to both of you!

I am so happy for you. Congratulations to both of you.

Cheers to the happy couple <virtual clink with very real glass of wine>. Congratulations, you beautiful lady. Gentleman friend sounds exactly like his name--a true gent in every way. I am so very glad you found each other, you look so in love. Stories like yours are magical. I wish you an engagement full of deliriously happy topped off by a lifetime of blissfully wed.

Your not-actually-an-engagement ring is just stunning. The gentleman has great taste.

Such happy news! And having fun together is SO important.

Wow that is so exciting! Congratulations to you both! I love your happy look!
I guess you'll keep the placeholder too? It's pretty, pretty gorgeous..

How awesome is this! You look so happy in that "announcement" photo LOL! Congratulations to you both!

Love your outfit, and congratulations!!

I am so happy for you, congratulations!

Fabulous outfit, even more fabulous news.

I am so happy for you!

Congratulations Mary, that is fantastic news. I was going to make a comment about where you were wearing that ring on your other thread, but I've had so little posting time lately, I never did. Its a beautiful ring, and I can't wait to see the " real thing" as well!

I lurk (for years) but seldom write; your story is truly beautiful, congrats

YOU Look incredible. So happy for you both. Love the April Fools spin.

Congratulations you look fab and are glowing !

Congratulations! That is some fantastic news!

Congratulations Mary!
I feel as excited as I would be for any of my girlfriends finding such a lovely man to 'grow older' with.
I am very happy for you both

What wonderful news! Congratulations.

Oh my goodness, I am so happy for you both! Congratulations! xoxo

Mary congratulations to you both. Over my time here (5 years) you have been consistently warm, kind, thoughtful and ever so stylish. I feel I have had the privilege of sharing some of your journey over these 5 years and I am so thrilled that you and Gary(? - I hope I got that right) have found one another. He seems like a true gentleman and in the photos you have shared over time, I have always thought how much he looks like he just adores you. All the very best to you both. So will you be taking us wedding dress shopping? xxx

What exciting news! I am very happy for you both. Congratulations!

You look great as usual and...

Such a happy news!


Congratulations, you look very happy together!

I love your engagement story and how you moved from your Official Position to following your heart. Your happiness shines through in your photos (even in the gym). Congratulations to you both.

Also from me: confratulations. What a happy time. The "placeholder" is pretty awesome too. I am sure you will choose a very stylish wedding garment.