THIS is just the BEST news Mary L! So very, Very, VERY happy for you!!!

You both are so adorable in that pictie! Congratulations!:-)))))

Congratulations!! I've been out of town without internet and missed this post. I think the placeholder ring is gorgeous and can't wait to see the real deal. Looking forward to seeing wedding photos.

Wishing you both continued happiness. How lucky you found each other!

Congratulations, Mary! So happy for you, and you two look so ahppy together.

I am so glad I dropped by just in time to see this. Congratulations!

Late to the news, but so happy for you Ms.Mary. Wishing you all the happiness you so greatly deserve. What a stunning ring - colorful and unique just like you!

So I miss just a few days of lurking on the forum and you go and get engaged?!?

Congrats, Mary! I'm very happy for you both!

Fantastic news! Congratulations to you both!

Mary, so late in adding to the loud and joyous chorus of congratulations. Wishing you every happiness. Keep having fun!

*SQUEALING* I am sooooo happy for you ! I don't have the words....

The place holder ring is divine. My daughter LOVES opals. But who really cares, you got yourself a real life, modern gem. And so did HE !

Okay, so I am HOPELESSLY late here, but Congratulations!! This is so exciting. Can't wait to see what's next for you in your adventures.

Like Suz, coming in at the back of aisle to say congratulations to and your handsome gentleman friend and soon-to-be husband.