If you followed along on this thread, here is the update:


The boots are a shade of eggplant rather than burgundy, but I think work well with my old Furla bag. (A complimentary SHADE). As well as the old watermelon Furla and cherry Valentino. I also like them with my new cherry RL pants, old fire engine red blazer, orange knitwear and burgundy pullover. Here's a pic of those items thrown onto the closet floor.

Not committing quite yet. Will do an outfit creation session on Saturday to make sure I love the look. So far, I do

FINAL UPDATE = KEEP: I created one outfit with the new Merlot boots and knew they were keepers. They also perfectly match a very old belt. VERY comfy and tailored with a '60s vibe. YES!

As long as I don't wear the merlot boots in an earthy way - they will feel right for my style.

My left arm is sore so I'm not going gung-ho on the outfit creation session today. But I've had burgundy boots before, so they integrate easily. I still have most of the capsule!

TONAL for Katerina's challenge too