Gorgeous outfit. Love those boots. So similar to the versatile ones I mentioned that I had early 00's. Envious

PLNOKKK for the new boots and the 2 outfits you posted!!! My new favorite looks of yours EVER!!! Love these deeper, richer shades on you-as I know you preffer bright colors, but wow 2x(K2K) from me!!:-)

YES, your outfit is perfect with them. I bet they will fit right in.

I’m a fan, so am glad you decided to keep. ❤️

Thanks, everyone! Appreciate the kind words.

Lovely, yummy colours! More like a festive pitcher of sangria than a simple glass of merlot.

Angie, that's a gorgeous color and it works so well in your wardrobe.
I think you may have helped me find the color I've been looking for. I want to try the bookending footware with my hair idea and instead of black shoes go with my hair color. My hair is dark reddish (between the color swatches below), or brownish color, so brown doesn't work and reds don't work. I think this one will be pretty close, what do you think? My hair looks darker when i leave it curly (which is 75% of the time). I also have the same belt that you do, perfect!
I'm so glad I decided to check in the forum for a few minutes today
Thank you!!!

Sorry to be so late to the thread, but your outfit is so beautiful....it reminds me of a rose garden in full bloom!

Am curious about the pants...wondering if they are more orange-red, true-red, etc.

I hope your arm is healing!

Wow! You are so cute! The boots fit right in to your wardrobe.

The boots look fantastic with these outfits.

Love the boots, love the outfits!
You've given me the boost I need to dust up my burgundy compliment.

Thanks, everyone. I enjoyed the giggles too

JP, excellent bookending. Go for it!

Grace, more of a cherry and watermelon red. Not orange-y at all.