Hi, and some quick updates:

  • New hair project! #1 to #4 is my hair inspiration. I'm growing out my super short pixie a little because I'm ready to play with more length. Like the options of straight and wavy. I'm excited!
  • #5 is my hair right now. Fresh colour but NO cut. Just a little neat trim at the base of my neck so that the rest can grow. I hope to be there early next year. Patience!
  • #6 is the new BR top pick turtleneck in red. FAB!
  • #7 is the new BR beetroot plaid shirt (also worn in #4 under shocking pink pullover). A Seattleite needs a plaid shirt.....
  • #8 is Jo in her new denim jacket
  • #9 are my new pairs of specs! Currently having the lenses put in, and will model them when they are done. Both frames are vintage '60s remakes and awesome! I have tricky vision corrections, and now need TWO pairs of specs. The light blue will be for distance single vision and replace the red. The pink perspex are occupational progressives for my work station and short distances. It will be quite the adjustment.
  • I’ve had terrible top left arm pain for months. Long story short, I wasn’t imagining the pain. I have two small tears in my shoulder. One in my rotator cuff, and one in my labrum. I am a good candidate to rehabilitate with PT, so hopefully that will help over time. I am vigilant about my PT exercises because you get back what you put in - and I've started PT. It will take a while, and I need to rest more, which I am trying to do (but very bad at). Outfit creation sessions are sloooooowwwwww, and kept to a minimum for now, though.

As always, onward we go!