All right-y, last down the catwalk... wrapping it up with, and blurring together... The '50s, '60s, and '70s... The *There's a Pill For That* Eras!

  • The '50s (pics #1-3): Had to fake a bob. Do y'all realise how short the girls wore their hair? Where were all the fathers objecting to that? I ask you! Anyways, I digress early. In fact, I went awry with this one early. It started with the Prom Concept again (floofy white dress with petticoats and sheer overlay, pearls, headband with bow, pointy pointy pumps). But then I couldn't find my white kid gloves (freak out!). As I was digging and tossing, I came up with other bits and pieces of the '50s... dark fur stole, head topper with fur trim... and just started putting them on. Finally, I said *what the heck* and just did navy gloves and took more snaps.
  • The '60s (pics #4-5): Mod. Didn't do *A* Mod. Right. There's a difference - a Vespa, Quadrophenia, and the high-fashion adoption. Outfit breakdown: A-line shift miniskirt dress, cap, stick straight hair with (faked) heavy fringe, little shoes, knock-kneed pose. (Btw, cap now has fake eyelash glue on it... anybody got any tips for getting that stuff off?!!)
  • The '70s (pics #6-8) (was #6-9): Punk. Fishnet over raggedy a$$ stockings (it's cold sitting on the street by the dumpster), thin a$$ t-shirt (kicked off the dole, so still wearing stuff from third form), lace up boots, chains, safety pin holding sh*t together, yesterday's make-up. One leg always propped up on something... Oh FFF! We went for Hipster donuts in this (and totally be-glamoured donut boy with our uber cool). But why did I not think to take a pic? Cue Nancy Spungen meltdown. Right. Who's gonna be Nancy and kick some walls? (May she RIP, of course...)
  • Bonus '70s: Real '70s - Rocky '70s (pic #9) (was #10). Segue to Boutique Punk, Post Punk, and New Wave (pic #10) (was #11). #10 (once known as #11) is more how I'd have worn the '50s prom dress in real life, except it's more colourful than I'd have done - I was all dark and spooky waif, remember... oh wait, Am Still A Waif!

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