Brilliant, Rachy, just creative BRILLIANCE. Thanks to you and other participants, this challenge has been a gift and an education for sideliners like me. Outstanding!

Agree with Aliona, thank you!
Lots of ideas from your wonderful looks all week!!
Thanks thanks thanks.

Oh, how fun! I especially like the 50s and 60s looks. I'm so impressed with how clever they all are, and the makeup!
What do you take off the eyelashes with? Perhaps the same thing would work for removing glue from other surfaces?

Thx! The lashes just pull off...

Brilliant all around but you know I loves me the 70s punk look! \m/

Rachylou, you deserve a standing ovation. *applause*

Bravo! Clapping loudly here! Is that an equestrian hat? Whatever, I love it all! You are so clever and creative plus reading this made me very happy this morning

You are so creative. I love every single one. Outfit one is my favorite. You are beautiful.

Brilliant Rachy! Just the text would have been enough, but I am not giving back the pictures! There is a pill for that. Indeed. You are the pill Rachy. Or at least the tonic!