ETA: Week 2, Day 6 and 7 remixes added to thread below.

My first week with 30x30 was easy, with repeats only of straight jeans and booties (see There was no "Day 7" listed because, well, I was only in exercise gear and PJs, which I'm not counting in this capsule.

Numbers indicate order 'added' to capsule. 

Week 2, Day 1, one 'new' addition (#16) to the clothing capsule, plus a necklace that was not worn yet this month. Expecting ice rain and meetings were only within work group, so dressy jean day.

1. Straight dark jeans, cuffed to have 0.5-1" gap with booties (Talbots)
7. Black dressy 3.5" booties (Clarks USA), newly added to Finds
12. Burgundy waterfall cardigan (WHBM)
16. Cream sleeveless shell. I like that the front has two layers, the inner one a jersey material, which provides fuller coverage given its light color and results in better drape of the blouse material (Ann Taylor)
X Multi-colored glass 'bead' necklace, handmade in a store in Lyon France
I'm glad the temperatures are warming up this week, because hopefully I can introduce my skirt and a couple of dresses into the capsule. Thus far only 3 bottoms have been included, two of them jeans. I've been more casual at work this January than I would normally be due to the below freezing temperatures and limited warm bottoms. If my weight was stable, I would absolutely be filling this crucial gap, but I'm making do with what I have as I expect to drop another size or two in the next few months.