ETA: Finds for most items added, as well as Days 4-6 are towards the bottom of the thread.

Overarching goal is to make it through January with a very small wardrobe (weight loss transition period) without buying new clothes. My current wardrobe is ~24 pieces that fit, 8 pairs of shoes that are in rotation for winter (5 booties, 3 pumps). Without a doubt, I will be repeating outfits over the 30 days, but my main aim is to change up an accessory (scarf or necklace) or shoes and to maximize variety within my current wardrobe, especially for in office days (4 days per week). Work is mostly business casual and I will wear dark jeans if the rest of the outfit is elevated. I have no big meetings that require more formal outfits this month, but I do currently have a couple outfits that could be dressed up. I will list my 30ish pieces as I go, updating every few days in this post. I am not counting scarves, jewelry or outerwear.

Days 1-3 have been very cold and I have relied heavily on my jeans.

Day 1 (weekend 'uniform')

1. Straight dark jeans, cuffed to just overlap boots (Talbots)

2. Teal cowl neck tunic (JJill)

3. Chelsea matte burgundy boots (Clarks UK)

Day 2 (received lots of compliments as it showed off my slimmer self)

4. Boot cut dark jeans (JJill)

5. Purple/black V-neck top, body skimming, untucked, hip length (Macys)

6. Black asymmetric cardigan (?)

7. Black dressy 3.5" booties (Clarks USA)

X Purple pendant necklace

Day 3 (first wearing of a dress over jeans -- too cold to wear a dress otherwise)

1. Straight dark jeans (repeat from Day 1)

8. Navy COS boiled wool dress

9. Burgundy suede black heel booties

X Burgundy fringe scarf

ETA: Days 4-5 are included in posts below.