I extended this challenge another week as I had a week of down time post a relatively minor surgery. (recovering quickly and well)

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I have REALLY appreciated everyone’s comments and I have throughly enjoyed everyone else’s posts.

I am working on a have basic fall/winter wardrobe plan that meets my overall goal of streamlined, joyful, and with purpose (thanks, La Belle D) . This will require pretty much revamping my casual “out in the world” wardrobe as I have found I prefer a more polished look and this is a much larger category for me now that I have retired. I also want to indulge my love of textiles and sewing.

To develop this I spent quite a bit of my down time going through Pinterest boards, Angies YFL outfit posts, and looking at websites and pinned garments/outfits that “sparked joy” into to a separate Pinterest board. Then analyzed them as to why they “sparked joy” and thought about how I could incorporate that into my real world wardrobe. Usually I just start with analysis and don’t think about the joy aspect so this was a real shift for me.

Here a summary board: https://www.pinterest.com/lynnpinit/for-yfl/

From Angies 5 style concepts thread I came up with the following and
they all still apply:

· Creative, or maybe Artisan, Distinctive or Unique. Not arty - for some reason that reminds me of avant guard art gallery aesthetics (my brother is an artist. I like subtle distinctive/interesting elements in my clothing such as asymmetry, draping, statement sleeves, unusual silhouettes, shibori dyed fabrics, hand stitched embellishments, piecing (mostly solid colors). I put some examples on the Pinterest board.

· Natural, Flow, Ease, Relaxed- simple garments with ease, flow, and drape. But with a boldness if that makes sense. I am drawn to natural dyed clothing- indigo and rust dying especially.

· Rich- earthy colors, ethnic textiles (ikats, paisleys, tribal fabrics)

· Eclectic. I have different seasonal personas. In Winter- dark clothing, kind of moody but not hard-edged. Sometimes a little glam. Summer - breezy California girl with a slightly boho vibe.

I also identified the following

- Uniform(s): slim pant + knit top + ¾ length sweater coat or poncho + booties or fashion sneakers.

- Colors- black, denim, cognac, warm red/rust, touches of leopard
print. I also have a teal/black sweater coat I love so will add some teal tops.

- Outfit building: my favorite outfits combine 2 colors often with an
added print. Such as denim jeans +
black/white striped top OR black pants + cognac top + leopard shoe.

I found these websites helpful in doing this assessment: https://anuschkarees.com/blog/.....onal-style, https://blog.colettehq.com/wardrobe-architect

Regarding numbers: I ended up wearing 9 pants, 15 tops, 4 toppers, 2 coat, 4 shoes, 1 purse (35 items not including gear) during this past month. I will be expanding the toppers and shoes so 40-45 total items seems about right. I could get by with much less but this gives me enough variety to be happy.

Any thoughts on style monikers and words would be appreciated.

I will post my final fall/winter wardrobe plan when completed.

Thanks for reading all of this !!!